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Muratbey that has made cheese a healthy snack consumed every time of the day with its innovative and delicious products has added another one among its awards granted by public ratings in the recent years. At A.L.F.A. Awards that recognizes the “brands with the best customer experience management”, Muratbey became one of the three brands that made it to the finals in the milk and dairy products category.

Guiding the development of cheese with its experience, Muratbey made it to the finals at A.L.F.A. (Actionable, Leader, Fast, Ambitious) Awards recognizing the brands with the best customer experience since 2015. Thus, Muratbey has become one of the three brands with the best customer experience management in the milk and dairy products category.

Making cheese a healthy and delicious snack with its products such as Helix Cheese, Naturena, Cheesoft and Topi, Muratbey was also recognized previously with the “QUDAL-Top Quality” medal in the fresh kashkaval cheese category and the ICI Innovation Award. Joining among the limited number of food companies included in the Turquality Brand Support Program in 2014, Muratbey brings its cheese selection to meals by culturing milk that filters through the natural aroma concentrated with the Anatolia’s unique panorama, pure mountain air and all kinds of herbs.

The research methodology and field operation were conducted by Xsights Research and Consulting. Only the industry and brand users participated in the research conducted between April 24th and May 2nd 2017 online over the “Turkey’s Voice Panel” that has 64 thousand users. In the research, the performance of companies was observed in 40 different categories to identify the differences between the industries and attain the best results.

A.L.F.A. Awards Ceremony will be held at Kemer Country Club on Wednesday, May 17th, following the Experience Design & Management Summit.