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Cheese balls with Tarhana

Cheese balls with Tarhana


  • 100 grams of Muratbey Plus Cheesoft
  • 5-6 sprigs of fresh mint
  • 1 grated lemon zest

For Coating:a

  • 1 egg
  • 3 tablespoons of flour
  • 5 tablespoons of Dry (powdered) Tarhana

For Frying:

  • Oil

10 MIN


10 MIN




Crumble Muratbey Plus Cheesoft into a bowl, add chopped fresh mint and grated lemon zest and knead well. Cover it with stretch film‎ and leave it in the freezer for 20 minutes. Take walnut-sized pieces from your ready cheese mixture and roll them in your hands. First dip it in the egg, then in the flour, then again in the egg, and finally in dry Tarhana and fry it in heated oil. Do not keep it in oil too much. Wait for max 5 seconds and remove cheese balls from oil. Take it to the serving plate and serve.

*Tarhana is a type of very famous soup that is found in the cuisines of Southeast Europe and the Middle East which is made of generally yogurt, dried mint, wheat flour, dried red pepper, green pepper, if desired onion. All ingredients are chopped, mixed and made into a dough, kept at least one week to ferment and dry. Then dry Tarhana is stored in jars or linen bags to be consumed as soup.

*This tasty recipe was prepared by Tümay Öztürk, who we know as the writer of the delicious food recipes on . We thank her for her contribution.