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Do you know what you need to pay attention to while consuming cheese that is one of the most important foods for our health and the most essential element of our meals?

It is very important for our healthy diet to consume properly and store in a healthy manner the cheese that is an indispensable flavor of our meals and the source of calcium, protein and vitamin.

However, do you consume cheese that is a valuable food with its sodium level, nutrition table and vitamin content consciously? Muratbey Cheese Food Experts have listed the 9 things to know for cheese lovers as to how to consume which cheese;

1-Curd cheese enhances immune system

Curd cheese that enhances immune system with its serum protein level is ideal particularly for people with a weak immune system, athletes and people on diet. This low-sodium and full fat cheese can be consumed in every meal with different recipes.

2- Protein-rich curd cheese for those allergic to eggs

Particularly, people with egg allergy can meet their protein need from curd cheese. You can consume the rich protein source curd cheese with various kinds of seasoning and vegetables instead of eggs.

3-Give your infants low-sodium Cheesoft cheese

The most ideal cheese to enrich the nutritional value of all formulas prepared for infants that eat solid food is low-sodium, tasty and soft Cheesoft cheese. Remember that Cheesoft cheese must be stored in the brine to preserve its flavor.

4-Give your children healthy cheese snacks instead of junk food

You can teach your children cheese-eating habit with snack cheese such as Helix Cheese and Topi. However, cheese such as Helix Cheese and Topi must be stored in the brine after their packaging is opened. Your children will not be able to resist the mini pizzas with Topi cheese, cheesecake and colorful cheese platters.

5-Fry fried cheese after dipping it in water

Fried cheese such as Grill Burger cheese must be dipped in warm water for 15 minutes to drain off its salt and reveal its real flavor and later fried and served hot.

6-Dampen the knife for white cheese not to fall apart

Store white cheese in the brine for it not to lose its flavor. If the brine level decreases, you can add drinking water. Dip the knife in cold water prior to cutting for smooth slices.

7-Do not wrap kashaval cheese in stretch film

If you are storing kashkaval cheese wrapping it in stretch film, stop doing it. Because the air gap that will from between the cheese and the stretch film will increase moisture and result in mould. Store kashkaval cheese in the fridge away from moisture.

8- Store cheese as a whole without slicing it

Store cheese without slicing it if you are not going to consume it immediately. Thus, you can minimize its exposure to the external environment. Also, pay attention that its packaging is not spoiled while buying it Do not buy cheese with a near expiration date if you are not going to consume it immediately.

9-Cheese is a must in diets, but watch its sodium level!

You can control your healthy weight with cheese in your diet. However, watch the sodium level. Particularly, low-sodium Helix Cheese, Topi, Cheesoft and Curd Cheese can be preferred for a healthy diet.