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Muratbey that shaped the sector with its successful actions in 2018 announced that 2019 would be a growth year in export. During 2018, Muratbey attended global fairs and so it speeded up also its abroad branding activities. One of the 2019 goals of Muratbey is to bring new and innovative products to the sector.

Muratbey to be the most delicious leader of dairy products industry contributed to our national economy by taking successful steps in export actions in 2018. Also, it got into new markets and brought together its innovative tastes with global markets by attending global fairs in 2018. Muratbey which gave acceleration its abroad branding activities in 2018 conducted consumer researches and digital campaigns. Its innovative actions and export activities conducting throughout the year were deemed worthy of many awards.

Muratbey aiming at increasing its total export revenue of 2019 by 40 percent is preparing to get together the sector with innovations. Moreover, it is going to put its signature under the important successes that will shape the sector this year within the scope of the projects conducted in R&D center in Uşak.

Added European countries to its export network in 2018

After the export ban put by European countries was removed and Muratbey obtained export license, Muratbey that exports to USA, Balkan and Middle East countries and Turkic Republics added also European countries to its export network.

Indicating that this move expending their export routes made a major contribution to Turkey’s economy as well, Necmi Erol, President of Muratbey’s Executive Board, said: “As Muratbey, we increased the share of export in our turnover from 5 percent to 18 percent. In order to contribute to our country, which has passed through difficult times, we have accelerated our export activities and aimed to increase our foreign exchange contribution to our country's economy. In 2018, we carried out successful export activities. We took justified pride of bringing our products which are unique in its field in the European market. We are currently sending our products to EU countries, in particular UK, Germany, France and Netherlands”.

Muratbey speeded up its foreign branding efforts
Stating that they carried out foreign activities abroad within the scope of export objectives for 2018, Necmi Erol said: “In 2018, we adopted a branded growth strategy abroad. In addition to our flavor, naturalness, innovative products, we speeded up our foreign branding activities, researches and digital investments. In this context, we have established close communication with our consumers abroad through our English and Arabic social media accounts. We enhanced our emotional connection by organizing social media contests. In line with our country-based marketing activities, we also opened new social media accounts named “MuratbeyLebanon” on Instagram. We will operate these operations in cooperation with our local business partner in Lebanon. On the other hand, we have managed our marketing activities by conducting consumer researches on the consumption habits of cheese in different countries”.

Muratbey’s globalization activities are rewarded

Stating that they represented our country successfully in every platform, Necmi Erol said: “In 2018, we were granted a prestigious award, thanks to successful our activities. We got the first place with the “Helix Cheese” brand,  under the category of “Best Cheese” in the World Dairy Innovation Awards organized within the scope of the Global Dairy Congress in which the leading brands participate. We are delighted to bring this pride to our country”. Erol said: “We have been awarded the Qudal Medal as the brand chosen by our consumers as “number one in quality” during the year. We were proud to have the same award twice in a row, thanks to qualified as “best quality brand” by our consumers since 2016”.