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Cheese for four continents from half a century old cheese expert!

Muratbey turns cheese to a healthy snack that is eatable for every hour with its innovative interpretation of traditional cheeses of Turkey and changes the cheese perception for the tables around the world. The firm leaves half a century behind in cheesemaking and transmits its innovative cheeses that are produced suitable for the healthy life trends to four continents.

The story of Muratbey, the domestic brand of Turkey, started in 1960’s. Erol family stepped into the cheese world in a small store in the historical district of Istanbul: Eminönü. And now they export the cheeses produced in their modern factory in Uşak that uses state of the last technology to four continents around the world. Brothers Necmi Erol and Recai Erol who transformed the best quality milk to delicious, healthy and innovative cheeses in their production facility that has 700 tons capacity in processing milk in one day with their love, fifty years of experience, and hard work. Along with creating new cheeses in 2 R&D centers, they are developing machinery and systems that will produce the cheeses.

International “Customers' Friend” Medal and “Superior Excellence” Award

Muratbey is the market leader in unique cheeses category with the innovative cheeses that they have developed by protecting the taste of traditional cheeses, irreplaceable components of any Turkish breakfast. In the last month, the firm deemed worthy of receiving the International "Customers' Friend – Because It’s You We Care About” medal by one of the most important certification institutions of the world ICERTIAS from Switzerland. And the firm is also awarded Superior Excellence status because of connection and communication with consumers and customers.

The road of innovation started with Helix Cheese

Muratbey has product range over 300 under the categories of Enriched Products, Innovative Products, Healthy Life, Gourmet, For Children, Treats, Traditional and most attention-grabbing innovative cheese of it is Helix (Burgu) Cheese.

The Helix was introduced to the Turkish market with “We've added intelligence to cheese and created Muratbey Helix” slogan, and it has a unique shape and taste. Its name in the export markets is Helix. Muratbey Chairman of the Board Necmi Erol said that the Helix is developed to appeal to both the taste of the new generation and the ones focusing on healthy life and added: “We invented the machine produced the Helix. We have conducted so many consumer surveys before deciding the final shape, structure, and taste of the product. We have received support from academicians and experts from various branches such as nutrition and dietetics, food, medicine, analytical chemistry, industrial design, communication-marketing. Helix is loved by the whole world with its registered name in almost 60 countries. The mothers, especially, say that they can make their children eat cheese finally. The Helix makes us proud with its awards around the world. Lastly, it is awarded the “Best Cheese” by being in the first place in “World Dairy Innovation Awards 2018” that evaluates the most successful products in the dairy industry.”

Since 2002 , Muratbey is the first company that exports cheese to Europe from Turkey, and it exports to many countries from GCC to Europe and especially the USA. And on top of that, it wins global awards with its unique cheeses. It continues to meet with cheese lovers around the world by participating in the most prestigious expos and organizations of the world.

Contributes to a healthy life with its cheeses enriched with Vitamin D

The vision of the company is to develop products that will benefit community health around the world. And the company produced Muratbey Plus series enriched with Vitamin D to support solving vitally important Vitamin D deficiency problem increasing globally. And this is based on the fact that calcium can only be absorbed in body only in the presence of Vitamin D. The cheeses in the line includes 5 mcg (200 IU) Vitamin D in 100 grams.

Another innovative cheese of Muratbey is Misto cheese for children.  Misto cheese supports the healthy growth of children and also delicious and fun to turn children into cheese lovers, even the ones do not like cheese at all. Low salted Misto meets the daily vitamin and mineral need in high amounts and contains 650 mg calcium, 16.50 gr protein, and 5 mcg Vitamin D in 100 grams. Misto and Plus line cheeses meet 33 percent of the daily Vitamin D need with its 100 grams. These cheeses are considered as “Perfect Vitamin D Sources” according to the American FDA standards.

The cheese king of Turkey that conducts “Women Adding Value to Cheese” project to support women who produce milk and defines them as milk fairies. And also, it aims to transmit its cheeses produced with the most quality milk, even the remote corners of the world.