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The essential element of our meals cheese also protects our heart. Nutrition Expert Hulya Cagatay stated that, according to research, cheese protected heart health and that especially calcium-rich, low sodium Helix Cheese and Cheesoft Cheese were heart healthy.

The increase in health diseases in the recent years is affecting the life quality of everyone, young and old, negatively.  Whereas, a healthy living is largely possible by a healthy and balanced diet. Experts underline the importance of nutrition, exercise, habits and emotional state for the protection f health. According to experts, the first step toward hearth health is an appropriate diet.

Muratbey Cheese Nutrition Expert Hulya Cagatay said that the recent research revealed the importance of cheese for heart health. Cagatay also said: “Cheese has a positive affect on the heart health. Because foods such as cheese and yogurt have a protective effect against several diseases with their good level of calcium content. It is important for our balanced diet to have cheese in every meal. Cheese especially supports the amount of our daily protein intake positively. The bone health and development of the elders, children and athletes is directly related to cheese and other dairy products. Consuming large amounts of meat increases the risk of heart disease while cheese is a food type that has a positive effect in this regard. However, while selecting cheese, we must pay attention that it must have low sodium and high calcium level such as Helix Cheese and Cheesoft Cheese. Cheesoft, Helix and Topi Cheese are the most ideal cheese for the elderly and children.”

Muratbey Curd Cheese for Athletes

Stating that cheese was rich for saturated fat (butter) and sodium and therefore that the consumption amount and sodium level of cheese should definitely be taken into consideration, Cagatay added, “Diet lists must definitely include cheese. However, appropriate cheese must be chosen. For example, I recommend low sodium cheese such as Helix, Cheesoft or curd cheese for people who have heart-coronary diseases, control their weight or are on weight loss diet. Athletes, on the other hand, must prefer Muratbey Curd Cheese that has serum protein, a special protein type. Cheese must definitely be included in the lists for snacks or main meals.”