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Muratbey that offers healthy products for cheese lovers with its flavor and naturalness is the most delicious cheese also in the digital world. Exceptional recipes and fun contents Muratbey shares in its social media accounts receive recognition.

According to the report prepared by, Turkey's prestigious social media measuring tool analyzing companies in ready-made food industry in terms of the number of social media followers and interactions, Muratbey Cheese Selections receive great recognition with its digital media communications as well the flavor it offers. Being one of the popular brands in social media with its customer relations management, creative contents and enjoyable designs, Muratbey is among the top cheese companies according to the report that rates the number of followers and interaction figures. Muratbey is the top company on Instagram and the second company on Twitter. Stating that they have been working for a long time for the connection Muratbey has with its followers in the digital world to be a sustainable one based on love and trust, the Chairman of Muratbey Board of Directors Necmi Erol adds, “we strive to offer the best, most natural and most innovative products to cheese lovers. They consume our products with joy and share their acclaim with us on social media. Particularly, families share videos and pictures of their children who did not like cheese before eating Helix Cheese and Topi. Our flavor friends enrich our pages with their recipes each of which is uniquely creative. That overjoys us. Exceptional recipes are our most liked communications.”