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Experts that say that home breakfast and snacks days have begun for students who deserve a good rest during the school break warn families that they must give their children enjoyable breakfasts and healthy snacks.

School break is on. Now, you can help your children have enjoyable breakfasts and healthy snacks during the school break as they skip breakfasts, the most important meal of the day in haste to go to school.  Muratbey nutrition experts recommend families that they can contribute to their children's nutrition by giving them joyful and healthy snack meals during the school break.

Experts say that the children skip breakfast, the most important meal of the day, in haste to start very early in the morning warn for a healthy breakfast for children who will be home for 15 days during the school break.

Nutrition experts in Muratbey that has made cheese a healthy snack for children with its innovative products emphasize that children's eating habits may be put back in order even if it is for 15 days with the start of the school break. Experts state that moms can ensure a balanced diet for their children by preparing more healthy and fun snacks.

Prepare fun dishes with joyful cheese selections!

Nutrition, Diet and Phytotherapy Specialist Gizem Keservuran said that children would have the opportunity of having healthy breakfast with the school break and added:

“Moms can prepare colorful fun dishes with joyful cheese selections that may attract children's attention. Thus, they can help their children have a balanced diet with healthy snacks. Helix Cheese that has low sodium level, Topi children love for its mini ball shape, and Cheesoft cheese they can spread on their bread and decorate it with jam will make their breakfast fun. Healthy snack meals can be prepared with mini fun cheeses in dishes that will also meet the calcium need of children who do not want to stop playing. Even, they can prepare these dishes together with their children in the kitchen. Home-made healthy canepes and snacks may help children have a joyful time.”