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Muratbey that has made cheese a healthy snack consumed every time of the day with its innovative and delicious products has been certified for milk and dairy product exports from Turkey to the European Union (EU).

Guiding the development of cheese in Turkey with its experience, Muratbey has been certified for exports from Turkey to the European Union member countries. Muratbey has received the certification after long and intensive controls carried out by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock in compliance with the European Union norms. The Ministry certified Muratbey for exports on 12th July 2017 pursuant to the “Control Procedure for Milk Establishments to be Certified for Exports to the European Union Countries.” Thus, Muratbey has taken its place among the limited number of companies certified for exports to Europe.

The Chairman of Muratbey Board of Directors Necmi Erol said that they would focus on increasing their export volume with such an important development. Erol also said, “we have already registered the Muratbey trademark in 60 countries that include, among others, 28 EU countries including France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Hungary, and Sweden, as well as the U.S., Russia, Kuwait, Jordan, UAE, Morocco, TRNC, Kazakhstan and Bahrain. As a company, we have now crossed an important threshold that will expand our business in Europe.”

Also stating that they were on world meal tables with their own brands, Erol also added, “we are exporting to several countries including the U.S., Japan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, TRNC, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Jordan. We have also become one of the eight companies in 2014 that have been included in the Turquality Brand Support Program looking to increase Turkey exports and branding.”

Also being an innovative and leading cheese brand in Turkey with its focus on innovation, Muratbey reaches 15 thousand points of sale everyday across Turkey with its 30 thousand square-meter enclosed production plant, 400 employees and 700-ton milk production capacity per day.

The ban lifted in 2013

The European Union imposed a general import ban on milk and dairy products in 2012 on the grounds of the existing production conditions in Turkey, and the ban was lifted in 2013 as a result of the long-lasting efforts of the Association for Packaged Milk and Dairy Product Industrialist (ASUD) and the industry actors under the leadership of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. However, very few number of companies have managed to obtain an export license.