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Muratbey made a great appearance with its innovative and delicious products at the “Summer Fancy Food Show”, one of the largest food fairs held in New York City, the U.S. Muratbey paved the way for several business connections in addition to the product promotion.

Accomplishing several achievements on Turkey's behalf with flavors offered to the world markets, Muratbey attended the 63rd “Summer Fancy Food Show” in New York City, the U.S., one of the largest food fairs in the world. This year, the show brought Muratbey’s innovative and delicious products with buyers together a second time.

Muratbey displayed its Muratbey Kashkaval Cheese recognized with the Top Quality Medal - QUDAL by the leading research company ICERTIAS, its unique and one of a kind innovative product Helix Cheese, its new product Topi as well as some other flavors. Visitors that showed great interest in Muratbey stand had the chance to taste Helix Cheese, a first in the world and Turkey. Low-sodium Helix Cheese that has natural nutritional values as well as a fun shape was well liked by the visitors. Muratbey that exports cheese to approximately 15 countries also created a basis for several business connections.

At the third A.L.F.A. Awards this year, Muratbey that has several national and international awards in its field received the award for “the brand with the best customer experience management” in the milk and dairy products category.

The innovation award-winning Muratbey that brings the cheese and the future technology together by maintaining the traditional flavor and texture for half a century offers pleasant and delicious cheese selections to the world cuisine.  It is among the limited number of companies included in the Turquality Brand Support Program with its Muratbey Trademark registered in about 60 countries including the EU countries, the U.S., Russia, Kuwait, Jordan, UAE and Morocco.