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Muratbey, the innovative and leading cheese brand in Turkey, was awarded the Medal of QUDAL in the “quality” research conducted in 100 categories by ICERTIAS, one of the leading research companies of the world. Selected as Turkey's "Number 1" kashar cheese brand, Muratbey is entitled to carry the "QUDAL - Number 1 in Quality” medal which is also won by worldwide brands.

Production with quality concept brought Muratbey the world's most prestigious quality medal, the QUDAL award. Selected as the finest quality kashar cheese brand, Muratbey was deemed worthy of the QUDAL Medal by the Switzerland-based certification authority ICERTIAS. Thus, Muratbey is entitled to receive the "QUDAL - Number 1 in Quality” medal which is also won by famous brands such as Nike, Signal, Chicco, Mercedes, Bosch and Henkel.  

QUDAL is one most prestigious awards of the world

The international certification association ICERTIAS is a private and politically independent organization that is located in more than 40 countries in 5 Continents.  ICERTIAS aims to encourage the market to develop into innovative forms and to conduct studies at both local and national level and to support the studies conducted. First of all, the organization pays attention to the well-known quality of the products worldwide. In addition, it places great importance on customer and customer relations as well. ICERTIAS only works with institutions and organizations worldwide that are suitable to its quality and value.

ICERTIAS is located in more than 40 countries in five continents with its Best Buy Award, QUDAL Quality meDAL and ICERTIAS Customers' Friend Programs, which all international companies compete for. All the consumers in the world prefer to buy products and services that received the QUDAL-QUality meDAL award. Also researches conducted in Turkey revealed that 64,4 percent of Turks prefer products that are QUDAL-QUality meDAL gold medal winners in quality.

Strong brand perception of Muratbey was effective

In QUDAL's extensive research conducted in January 2016, the question "According to your own experience and opinion, which is the producer or supplier of kashar cheese that provides the finest quality product in the Turkish market?,” was raised to Turkish citizens. The vast majority of the participants answered this question by giving Muratbey as an answer as the first brand. The research was conducted in accordance with the international standards by directing open-ended questions predicated on the consumers' practices, experiences and satisfaction. The power of Muratbey's brand perception has once again been demonstrated by directly asking the consumers their own ideas instead of presenting the participants some choices.

Muratbey was also awarded the Innovation award

Muratbey has been awarded the ISO Innovation Award for its products such as Burgu, Naturena, Sürmeli, Topi that turns cheese into a healthy and delicious snack that can be consumed every time of the day.