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Muratbey's innovative delicacy Helix Cheese has an appetite for awards

Muratbey's innovative delicacy receives a Gold Award from Germany Developed and disseminated around the globe by Muratbey, Helix Cheese recently added a new award to its growing collection. This innovative delicacy, which is exported to tens of countries in 4 different continents under the name "Helix Cheese", was selected "2019/2020 Product of the Year" by readers of the German dairy products magazine Milch-Marketing, deeming it eligible for the "Gold Award".

Presented to consumers in 2013 as a result of Muratbey's innovative activities, Helix Cheese draws interest not only in Turkey but also all around the world. Exported to tens of countries in 4 different continents, Helix Cheese, winner of a Global Innovation Award, received an award from Germany. Readers of Milch-Marketing, the only magazine exclusively focused on milk and dairy products in Germany, selected Helix Cheese as the "2019/2020 product of the year", deeming it eligible for the "Gold Award". 

"Helix Cheese is one of our most popular products in the world"
Indicating that Muratbey products draw great interest among consumers in Germany, Muratbey's Chairman of the Board of Directors Necmi Erol said the following: "As Turkey's national cheese brand, we have been producing cheese using healthy milk and exporting to 4 continents for more than 50 years. As one of the first brands to obtain a permit to export to countries in the European Union, we have been exporting cheese to the EU countries, including Germany, since 2018. Up until the current period, we have been the leading brand that has maintained sustainable cheese exports to EU countries.

Helix Cheese, which is known as Burgu in Turkey, is among the most popular cheeses in Germany and other countries, as well. Winner of a global innovation award and holder of the title of "Best Cheese", our delicacy competed in a close competition with one of the world's most popular cheeses in Germany and came in first place through consumer votes, making us deeply proud. I would like to extend my gratitude to the readers of Milch-Marketing along with all consumers of our products."

“You can find as in large chains”
Stating that Muratbey products are on the shelves of the most prominent chain stores in the world, Erol made the following remarks: "We also sell Helix Cheese in the German hypermarket chain Kaufland, which is part of the world's fifth largest retail group. Meetings with other large hypermarket chains are underway."  

In January of this year, Milch-Marketing Magazine also published a praise-filled news article about Helix Cheese on its website. The article highlights the rich nutritional values of Helix cheese and underlines that its innovative shape adds an aesthetic touch to many foods, from snacks to pasta.

The first Turkish cheese to change the world's cheese habits: Helix Cheese
As the single Turkish cheese to receive the "Best Cheese" award at the World Dairy Innovation Awards, Helix Cheese has proven its success on an international scale.What’s more, it is also considered a healthy snack. Appealing to the taste buds of the new generation and health advocates alike thanks to its low level of salt, Helix Cheese is known as the first Turkish cheese to change the cheese habits of the world.