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Muratbey certified its brand awareness.As the innovative brand of the sector, Muratbey was awarded the Well-Known Brand status as a result of the evaluations conducted by the Turkish Patent Institute.

Muratbey, an innovative brand in the sector that attracts attention with its innovative products in cheese segment, was accepted as "Well-Known Brand" by the Turkish Patent Institute.

Muratbey, which turns cheese into a healthy and delicious snack that can be consumed every time of the day and appeals every palate with over 250 cheese varieties, was evaluated according to the "Well-Known Brand" criteria of the Turkish Patent Institute and awarded the "Well-Known Brand" status.Thus, Muratbey demonstrated its high brand awareness by being awarded with the "Well-Known Brand" trademark, which is awarded to the brands that maintain quality standards in their products and service concept, that have authentic brand characteristics and that are proven to be known by the consumers.

Producing natural, additive-free, healthy cheeses for every palate, Muratbey Gıda is a brand that puts quality at the heart of everything, that fulfills all the requirements to maintain quality and that constantly renews itself.Muratbey responds to people's expectations for taste by utilizing modern technology and gets its power from renewing itself constantly.As a company that continues its innovation and that presents its new products to all the consumers in the world, Muratbey is proud to be awarded with "Well-Known Brand" status by the Turkish Patent Institute.