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Muratbey attended SIAL International Food Exhibition, one of the world’s most important food exhibitions, with its unique and innovative products. Muratbey took part on the same platform with the globally known brands in the exhibition organized in Paris between 21 – 25 October and attracted a great deal of attention from the participants with its unique products. Being the only company exporting cheese to Europe from our country, Muratbey aims to grow in the European market.

Muratbey, directing the progress in the cheese sector with the importance attached to the innovation, attended “SIAL International Food Exhibition” organized between 21-25 October 2018 in Paris-France. Muratbey introduced all its cheese varieties including its innovative products Burgu, Sürmeli and Topi to the visitors during the exhibition.

‘‘We are the only company exporting cheese to Europe from our country”
Muratbey Board Member Hamit Erol stated that their company is one of few companies that has passed the tight controls of European Union and been entitled to export after the cessation of export restraint to Europe for milk and milk products, and said: “Today, we are the only company exporting cheese to Europe from our country. We export our products to many European countries including the Netherlands, Germany, France. We are continuing our work in line with our target of growth in European market, and we aim to reach more countries”.

Hamit Erol said they supplied their products to approximately 40 countries such as USA, EU countries, Japan, Middle East countries, Turkic Republics, Balkan Countries, TRNC and attended SIAL Exhibition in line with their object of growth in export and added: “We introduced and offered for tasting most of our cheese varieties especially Burgu, Sürmeli and Topi in SIAL Exhibition. We also made important contacts in the exhibition. We plan to increase our export and contribute more to the country’s economy with this work we realize as a national brand of Turkey”.

Muratbey continues its international digital marketing investments

Erol stated that they have realized a new digital campaign for overseas within the scope of the work to increase the export, and said “We have accelerated our investments and branding work for overseas marketing activities. We establish an emotional bond with our consumers as per our globalization strategy. We always share something on our international social media accounts. We get closer wit Muratbey lovers abroad with social media competitions, and establish continuous communication with our consumers”.

Erol remarked that they take pride in the awards they receive thanks to their work and the unique taste of their products, and added: ‘‘As Muratbey, we focus on the innovation in all business processes from production to marketing. We have received many national and international awards in return for our work. Lastly, we became first with our “Helix Cheese” brand, the export name of Burgu Cheese, in the World Milk Products Innovation Awards organized under Global Milk Products Congress with the participation of the leading brands of the world; and received the title of “Best Cheese”. And we also take pride in getting the return of our tastes in global arena and making the name of our country heard in the international platforms”.