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Muratbey receives the best cheese award in the World Dairy Innovation Awards 2018 Muratbey changing the perception of cheese in Turkey and in the world returns with the first prize in the "World Dairy Innovation Awards 2018 ". In the competition which is held for the 12th time and the most successful products in the dairy industry are evaluated, Muratbey was awarded the "Best Cheese" prize by standing out amongst others with the Helix cheese that is known as their own invention.

The Global Dairy Congress, which is one of the most prestigious congresses in the international arena and attended by leading brands of the world, hosts the World Dairy Innovation Awards every year. This year, Muratbey has represented Turkey with its brand named "Helix Cheese" that is the name of its innovative cheese product exported to foreign countries during the competition in which innovative and excellent products are evaluated.  Muratbey, who is one of the three contenders in the finals after elimination procedures, succeeded in winning the first prize in the" Best Cheese" category leaving behind worldly famous competitors. Board Member Murat Erol accepted the Best Cheese Award at the ceremony on behalf of Muratbey.

'' Muratbey invention Helix is Turkey's pride ''

Muratbey, who exports to America, Middle East and Turkic Republics, has succeeded to be among the number of companies that could get permission after the export ban is lifted and included European Union countries to its export network.  Muratbey continues to lead the development of cheese product and to introduce its delicious cheeses to world tables in Turkey and around the world.

Necmi Erol who is the Board Chairman of Muratbey introducing new addition to its world-wide achievements and awards has stated that: "As Muratbey, we are proud of bringing together our quality, tasty and innovative products which are unique in its field and worldwide with the world markets. We've introduced our own product, which is distributed as twist cheese in Turkish markets, under the brand of Helix cheese in the world and added zest to the table of many families. With this product, we have received the first prize in the "Best Cheese" category of the "World Dairy Innovation Awards" which is one of the highest reputation organizations for the diary industry in the world. It has been a national pride for us to win our first prize by competing with the world-wide cheese products, especially by delivering our products to countries that are very successful in milk and dairy products. "

'' Our struggle against imitations of Helix is continued''

 Erol  underlying that they are striving great efforts to protect their Helix Cheese produced after long-lasting R&D studies against the imitators both in Turkey and in the world has also expressed that; "We are struggling with imitations of Helix cheese in our country and abroad. Our unfair competition cases filed against companies producing imitation products in many countries as well as Turkey are still sustained. Thanks to our efforts, the courts in Turkey and in the world rules on the withdrawal of the imitated products from the market. As Muratbey, we will also continue our struggle against imitation products in the future. All registration rights of the Helix cheese belong to Muratbey".

Helix cheese which is offered as a "healthy snack" that can be consumed at any time of the day apart from the breakfast meal turns the tables into a work of art thanks to its naturality, low salinity, high nutritional value, unique flavor and form. Helix instilling the love of cheese to the children who dislike cheese products also meets the calcium needs of children. Thanks to the flexible texture of the Helix, it becomes possible to prepare creative presentations and entertaining plates.