Sayfa Görseli

Corporate Information


Full Name:  Necmi EROL
Personal Background: Necmi Erol was born in Istanbul in 1954 and has been in the milk and dairy products since age 7. He graduated with an Electrical - Electronic Engineer’s degree from Istanbul Technical University in 1977 and worked as an engineer for a short period. Erol took over the deli store run by his father in Eminonu with his brother in 1980.
He began cheese production as Muratbey Gida in 1993 and accomplished unique achievements by constantly seeking distinction in cheese with the help of his engineer identity. Necmi Erol acts as the Chairperson of Muratbey Board of Directors. Erol is married with two children.
Full Name: Recai EROL
Personal Background: Erol was born in 1960 and began his business life by his father’s side at age 7. His business life that began at the deli store continued with cheese wholesale in 1988 and retailing at Rami Food wholesalers. In 1992, he moved very quickly in the cheese industry with the plant he established with his brother in Usak under Muratbey trademark. Recai Erol is the Vice Chairperson of Muratbey Board of Directors and responsible for communication, marketing and sales functions. Erol is married with two children.
Full Name: Hamit EROL
Personal Background: Hamit Erol was born in Istanbul in 1982. Erol attained the degree of Electrical-Electronics Engineer from Koc University and his graduate degree in Management from Bournemouth University, England. He has been working in Muratbey since 2006. He is responsible for Domestic and International Sales functions and works as the Sales Coordinator. Hamit Erol is married and has three children.
Name&Surname: Murat EROL
Personal Background : Murat Erol was born in Istanbul in 1989 and completed his primary and middle school education at Sisli Terakki Foundation Schools and his high school education at Nuri Akin Anatolian High School. He attained the degree of Industrial Engineer from Bahcesehir University. Erol, who gained experience in business life by working in different units of Muratbey Gıda throughout his school life, started his career in the sales department with his graduation. Murat Erol is currently working as the Supply Chain Management Coordinator in the company. He is married and has one child.
Name&Surname: H. Erdem Torun
Personal Background : H. Erdem Torun was born in 1965, completed his undergraduate education at Hacettepe University Department of Statistics and his master's degree from Bilgi University Faculty of Business Administration. He held managerial positions in budget and control in Yaşar Holding group, budget and strategic planning in CMS Group, and most recently in the position of Assistant General Manager responsible for Finance in CMS Group. After his professional career, he returned to his homeland after a few years of life experience in London, and worked as an Educational Consultant in an Istanbul-based consultancy firm for 2 years. During this period, he provided consultancy and training in more than 25 different groups and companies in more than 10 sectors, especially in the fields of Governance, Strategic Planning and Finance. Since the last 2.5 years following this process, he continues to independently provide management consultancy in different sectors and companies in the fields of which he is an expert. Throughout his corporate career of nearly 30 years, MIS & Budget Planning and Control Systems Installation and Management Strategic Management and BSC mapping and strategies. implementation of Enterprise Strategic Finance and Risk Management, Growth, Business development and investment projects organization Enterprise Performance Systems Management, Company IT Processes management, and Enterprise Resource Planning and Business intelligence System (ERP (SAP, BAAN), BW, BI, Oracle.. ) Implementations Cost Control and Critical Resource Management, ABC (Activity Based Costing) savings management, Process Cost efficiency, Quality cost systems, Process/Business Model/Company Maturity Modeling Analysis Administrative Business and Risk Management, Alignment of legal regulations to administrative operational processes, Incentive Systems adapting and aligning it to all processes and operations In bi-management issues, at all stages of the PUKO (Planning, Implementation, Control and Organization) cycle; In addition to operational duties such as Process Coordinator, Editing and Implementation Leader, Mentor, Coach, Training Consultant, in different corporate organizations; He has held administrative professional positions such as Senior Manager, Director, CFO, Member of the Executive Board, Secretary General of the Board of Directors. In addition, with different investment funds in different sectors; He carries out management consultancy and operational projects in areas of which he is an expert, such as Company Valuation, Company mergers and acquisitions, Establishing cost and budget systems and actual profit and loss with real costs, preparation and project design for Public Offering, Corporate Investment projects analysis and evaluation.