Sayfa Görseli

Our Story



  • Inception in retail trade industry


  • First step into the cheese industry with a small cheese shop in Eminonu, Istanbul


  • A major step toward growth by transitioning to cheese wholesale in Rami, Istanbul


  • First production activities in Kastamonu


  • Participation in an integrated dairy products plant built on a 9000m2 enclosed area at Antalya Industrial Park


  • A factory with a state of art technology at Usak Industrial Park


  • ISO 9001:2000 certification


  • Modernization and capacity-building at Usak plant
  • Revision of all systems for green production 


  • Meeting with customers at Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir and Bursa regional offices with up to 300 employees across Turkey, a country-wide network of dealers and distributors and up to 7000 points of access
  • Expansion to foreign markets


  • ISO 9001 2008 recertification for production plants 


  • Market launch of NATURENA group


  • Expanding further in foreign markets including the U.S.  and exports to 13 countries in total


  •  Only food company making it to the finals and receiving an award at the Innovation Awards held by Istanbul Chamber of Industry every year


  • Achieving exports to 15 countries in total
  • Market launch of Helix Cheese and Cheesoft products, first of their kinds in the world


  • Participation in Turquality Brand Support Program
  • Muratbey recognized with the title of “Well-Known Brand”
  • Trademark registration as Muratbey in about 60 countries including the EU countries, the U.S., Russia, Kuwait, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, and Morocco
  • Registration of and patent for the design of Helix Cheese in about 60 countries
  • Award for fourth place among companies with the highest-growing exports in the first 500 Anatolian companies research


  • Sponsor and main sponsor in Usak Athletic Basketball Team


  • Adding Topi among innovative products family
  • QUDAL medal in fresh kashkaval cheese category in the ‘quality’ research featuring household ratings held in 100 categories by ICERTIAS, a global certification organization
  • International promotion of Helix, Topi and Cheesoft cheese selections at ‘Expo West 2016 California Food Fair’ held in the U.S.


  • Award for the brand with the best customer experience management in milk and dairy products at A.L.F.A. (Actionable, Leader, Fast, Ambitious) Awards recognizing brands that have the best customer experience
  • Muratbey among the first three indispensable brands preferred by the Turkish customers in food shopping in a research by FikriMühim for MediaCat Magazine
  • Accreditation from the Ministry of Industry for Machinery R&D Center
  • The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock certification for exportation of milk and dairy products from Turkey to the European Union