Sayfa Görseli

Our Story



  • Inception in retail trade industry


  • First step into the cheese industry with a small cheese shop in Eminonu, Istanbul


  • A major step toward growth by transitioning to cheese wholesale in Rami, Istanbul


  • First production activities in Kastamonu


  • Participation in an integrated dairy products plant built on a 9000m2 enclosed area at Antalya Industrial Park


  • A factory with a state of art technology at Usak Industrial Park


  • ISO 9001:2000 certification


  • Modernization and capacity-building at Usak plant
  • Revision of all systems for green production 


  • Meeting with customers at Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir and Bursa regional offices with up to 300 employees across Turkey, a country-wide network of dealers and distributors and up to 7000 points of access
  • Expansion to foreign markets


  • ISO 9001 2008 recertification for production plants 


  • Market launch of NATURENA group


  • Expanding further in foreign markets including the U.S.  and exports to 13 countries in total


  •  Only food company making it to the finals and receiving an award at the Innovation Awards held by Istanbul Chamber of Industry every year


  • Achieving exports to 15 countries in total
  • Market launch of Helix Cheese and Cheesoft products, first of their kinds in the world


  • Participation in Turquality Brand Support Program
  • Muratbey recognized with the title of “Well-Known Brand”
  • Trademark registration as Muratbey in about 60 countries including the EU countries, the U.S., Russia, Kuwait, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, and Morocco
  • Registration of and patent for the design of Helix Cheese in about 60 countries
  • Award for fourth place among companies with the highest-growing exports in the first 500 Anatolian companies research


  • Sponsor and main sponsor in Usak Athletic Basketball Team


  • Adding Topi among innovative products family
  • QUDAL medal in fresh kashkaval cheese category in the ‘quality’ research featuring household ratings held in 100 categories by ICERTIAS, a global certification organization
  • International promotion of Helix, Topi and Cheesoft cheese selections at ‘Expo West 2016 California Food Fair’ held in the U.S.


  • Award for the brand with the best customer experience management in milk and dairy products at A.L.F.A. (Actionable, Leader, Fast, Ambitious) Awards recognizing brands that have the best customer experience
  • Muratbey among the first three indispensable brands preferred by the Turkish customers in food shopping in a research by FikriMühim for MediaCat Magazine
  • Accreditation from the Ministry of Industry for Machinery R&D Center
  • The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock certification for exportation of milk and dairy products from Turkey to the European Union 


  • The first prize at the “12th World Dairy Innovation Awards” in 2018 which were granted to the most successful products in the dairy industry; the “Best Cheese” award to Muratbey’s innovative Helix Cheese
  • The first prize for the 2nd time in the same category as the taste approved by consumers in the quality research conducted by ICERTIAS in 100 categories. Muratbey was awarded the title of the No. 1 fresh kashkaval cheese in Turkey.
  • The export breakthrough to the EU: Following the removal of the ban on the export of milk and dairy products from Turkey to Europe, we were awarded an export certificate and started exporting to the EU countries. Thanks to Muratbey, Turkish cheeses are on European tables after 16 years. We feel the pride of being the only company to export cheese from Turkey to Europe.
  • Representing Turkey successfully with unique and innovative products at the Summer Fancy Show, the largest food exhibition in the USA; the International Food Processing and Packaging Exhibition (IDDBA) in New Orleans, USA; the Gulfood 2018 in Dubai; and the SIAL Paris International Food Exhibition, which is one of the most important food exhibitions in the world
  • The “Best Cheese Brand” award in the category of milk and dairy products at the “Eurasia Quality Awards 2018”, which were given based on the works of consumer-friendly organizations and individuals
  • The implementation of the project “Women Adding Value to Cheese” to contribute to the milk and dairy industry, support milk producers, strengthen the presence of women in milk production, and ensure women’s economic empowerment
  • TUBITAK applications with two of approximately 10 projects carried out in the Food R&D Center and the Production Technologies Development R&D Center
  • The Helix Cheese advanced to the semi-finals at the InovaLIG 2018 awards, where the innovation leaders in Turkey were selected!


  • Recipient of the "Customers' Friend - Because It's You We Care About" award, which is one of the world's most prestigious award. Being honored with the status of Supreme Excellence, and the international "Customers' Friend" medal by Switzerland-based ICERTIAS.
  •  Winner of the Gold Medal in the category of "Value Adding Food Production Facility to Children's Lives" at Adding Value to Children's Lives Awards (Çocuğa Değer Katanlar Ödüller).
  • Recipient of the first prize and gold medal in the category of "Dairy Products" for his social media performance throughout the year at the Social Media Awards Turkey jointly organized by BoomSonar & Marketing Türkiye and with Deloitte expertise
  • Receiving the highest level of BRC Global Food Safety Certification and becoming one of the few companies to receive an AA Grade BRC Certificate
  • The world's first cheese in the form of animal figures and high in vitamin D - Launch of Muratbey Misto brand
  • Launch of Muratbey Plus series of cheeses, the best source of Vitamin D.
  • Contribution to the development of children’s visual intelligence, naturalistic intelligence, mathematical intelligence, and kinesthetic intelligence through Misto Game, the mobile application developed in cooperation with Yildiz Technical University and Technopark
  • Continuation of the social responsibility project and training for productive women within the scope of the "Women Adding Value to Cheese" project to contribute to the industry, support female producers, and ensure women's economic empowerment.
  • The delivery of books and brain-training game sets to 17 village schools in need as part of the employee volunteering project “Educated Children and Strong Tomorrows”
  • At the ECRM event, organized in the USA, representing Turkey successfully in the category of dairy products as the only Turkish brand among 16 companies worldwide.
  • The registration of Muratbey Helix Cheese in the USA, after being recognized by 60 countries around the world.
  • Representing Turkey successfully with innovative products at Anuga Food & Beverage Fair in Germany, Summer Fancy Food Show in New York, USA, International Dairy Deli Bakery Fair (IDDBA) in New Orleans, USA, Dubai Gulfood Fair, and TuttoFood Fair in Milano, Italy.
  • Accelerating the awareness-raising activities about vitamin D deficiency and attending the 41st Pediatrics Days and Pediatric Nursing Association’s Symposium on the Nutrition of Newborns and Children. Organizing a seminar on vitamin D with the students and faculty members of Istanbul Aydin University.
  • Third prize winner in the National Dairy Congress (Ulusal Sütçülük Kongresi) Poster Presentation Program with products containing Vitamin D.


  • Muratbey Helix Cheese was selected "2019/2020 Product of the Year" by readers of the German magazine Milch-Marketing. Helix won the "Gold Award".
  • In the World Dairy Innovation Awards 2020, Misto was selected as the finalist in the category of“ Best Kids Milk Products”.
  • Muratbey Misto and Helix Plus win the title of “SIAL Innovation Selection 2020” by a jury made up of independent experts at the SIAL Innovation Paris 2020 organization.
  • Once again, Muratbey has won the first prize and gold medal in "Dairy Products" category at the Social Media Awards Turkey 2020, organized by BoomSonar, MarketingTurkey and the expertise of  Deloitte.
  • Corporate Membership of Sustainable Food Platform


  • Upgraded to the TURQUALITY® program. In the program carried out by the TR Ministry of Commerce to develop strong global brands and increase Turkey’s exports, it was ranked as the 200th company in the list, including all sectors, and as one of only 3 brands in the dairy sector
  • Being among the top 100 exporting companies in the DENIB region
  • Three years in a row, the first prize and gold medal in "Dairy Products" category at the Social Media Awards Turkey organized by BoomSonar, MarketingTurkey and the expertise of Deloitte.
  • Participation in Gulfood 2021 Dubai and Sial China 2021 global food exhibitions
  • Being among the few companies that can obtain certification to export dairy products from Turkey to China, starting to export to China in March 2021.
  • Participation as a speaker in the international webinar "Innovation in Dairy Products", invited as "Dairy Innovator"


  •  4 years in a row, the first prize and gold medal in "Dairy Products" category at the SocialBrands - Brandverse Awards Turkey organized by BoomSonar and MarketingTurkey with the support of Digital Marketing Communication Platform (DPİP) and the expertise of Deloitte
  • UTSO - Adding Value to the Economy Award
  • We won first place in two categories in the "Feed the Future" awards within the scope of the Reliable Product Summit organized by Muratbey Misto and the Reliable Food Platform in 2022.


  • 5 years in a row, the first prize and gold medal in "Dairy Products" category at the SocialBrands - Brandverse Awards Turkey organized by BoomSonar and MarketingTurkey with the support of Digital Marketing Communication Platform (DPİP) and the expertise of Deloitte.
  • Muratbey Plus Kaymaklı received the first prize in the Functional Products Category within the scope of the Reliable Product Summit organized by the Reliable Food Platform in 2023.