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Setting out to change the perception of cheese and cheese consumption in Turkey completely, Muratbey carries on its innovative performance with innovative efforts. Muratbey that has managed to exhibit a clear and positive relationship between the company profitability and the business contribution with the first of its kind Naturena series it has announced as a cheese revolution has developed a business style that can be proved with innovative products and processes with a high added value. With the design, flavor and environment-friendly production processes, it has defined cheese as a healthy snack that can be consumed every time of the day with unique flavors such as Helix cheese and Cheesoft cheese.

Muratbey that has made innovation its center focus of its activities in all business processes from production to marketing has received several awards nationally and internationally for its efforts. In 2012, it received the grand prize in Business Results category in the Innovation Awards held by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry every year.

Always prioritizing customer expectations, Muratbey commissioned its 2 R&D centers accredited by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in 2017 for innovative products and production processes.