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Cheese and Health


Use vitamins to protect your immune system from viruses

Strengthening the immune system is extremely important in protecting yourself from viral diseases. Stating that a regular sleep routine, exercise, a stress-free life, and a balanced diet play an important role in boosting the immune health, Muratbey Nutrition Consultant Prof. of Medicine Muazzez Garipağaoğlu draws attention to the importance of vitamin C and D intake. Pointing out that vitamin C can be garnered from natural sources of food, but the nutritional sources of vitamin D are limited, Garipağaoğlu added that “We cannot always get enough sunlight, which is the biggest source of vitamin D. For this reason, we need to help our body to meet its needs by consuming cheese fortified with vitamin D.” 

Keeping the immune system strong to fight viral diseases with no clear cure is the primary precaution that should be observed. Prof. Garipağaoğlu draws attention to the importance of vitamin intake along with a regular sleep routine, a stress-free life, compliance with hygiene rules, exercise, and a balanced diet to maintain a good immune system.

“Boost your immune system with Vitamin C & D”

Saying that high-quality proteins, whole grain products, legumes, vegetables, and fruits are non-negotiable for a balanced diet, Garipağaoğlu added that "Vitamin C & D can be used to boost the immune system. Vitamin C, which is effective in reducing viral infection complaints, can be garnered from natural resources. Consuming food rich in vitamin C such as parsley, green & red chilies, cauliflower, broccoli, strawberry, kiwi, orange, and lemon is the easiest way to meet your daily dose of vitamin C. However, things are not the same when it comes to vitamin D as the nutritional sources of vitamin D are very limited. When you cannot adequately absorb vitamin D for some reason (e.g. due to the season), vitamin D deficiency is inevitable. If that is the case, vitamin D should be taken as a supplement or vitamin D-enriched foods should be consumed.

“Calcium absorption is vitamin D-dependent”

Underlining that cheese fortified with vitamin D can be consumed to increase vitamin D absorption, Prof. of Medicine Garipağaoğlu said “Vitamin D deficiency leads to weak bones, muscle weakness, and fatigue. The weakened immune system may lead to many diseases, especially infectious diseases. Vitamin D deficiency also causes many important health problems ranging from insulin resistance to obesity & depression and it is linked to an increased risk of cancer. For all these reasons, vitamin D is essential for the general health and well-being of the body; especially the bones. Moreover, vitamin D facilitates the storage of calcium in the bones, which plays an important role in maintaining a healthy immune system and building healthy bones. Therefore, getting the daily-recommended amount of vitamin D has an important role in protecting the body against diseases. 100 grams of cheese enriched with vitamin D meets nearly one-third of daily vitamin D needs; so, make sure that cheese is always present at your breakfast table and added to the other meals if necessary.