Sayfa Görseli

Cheese and Health


Nutrition experts that say that healthy diet is crucial for children at school age that covers their growth-development and learning processes particularly draw attention to the breakfast and lunch boxes.

Experts recommend parents adding foods such as low-sodium snack cheese, whole wheat bread with Cheesoft cheese and fresh fruits in children's lunch boxes.

Children that have a healthy diet during the school age have a positive mental and physical development. Malnutrition and unbalanced diet, on the other hand, can result in overweight-underweight problems, bone/dental health disorders, iron deficiency anemia as well as other mineral and vitamin deficiencies in children. Particularly, body development and school success decrease in children who skip breakfast in haste to make it to school.  The solution for the breakfast issue during the school time is the preparation of a healthy lunch box! Experts state that including nuts such as hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds, dried fruits such as apricot, figs, raisins will affect children's school success positively as well as protecting their balanced diet.

There are food groups that are a must in the lunch box. Particularly, cheese supports children’s bone and dental development with its high calcium and phosphorus content and their tissue and muscle development with its quality protein content, and ensures a long-lasting feeling of fullness, Lunch boxes are filled with more healthy and practical snacks with cheese that can be consumed in a sandwich, pastry and toast bread as well as low-sodium fun cheese such as Helix Cheese and Topi.