Sayfa Görseli

Cheese and Health


The essential element of our meals cheese also protects our heart. Particularly, calcium-rich, low-sodium Helix Cheese, Topi, Muratbey Curd Cheese and Cheesoft Cheese are ideal for those who care about their heart!

The increase in health diseases in the recent years is affecting the life quality of everyone, young and old, negatively. Whereas, a healthy living is largely possible by a healthy and balanced diet. Experts underline the importance of nutrition, exercise, habits and emotional state for the protection of health.

According to experts, the first step toward hearth health is an appropriate diet. Cheese affects heart health positively because its good calcium level has a protective effect against several diseases. Cheese that can be consumed in every meal is also crucial for a balanced diet. Cheese that can meet a major part of the daily calcium need also assumes a protective role for the bone health and development as well as the heart of the elderly, children and athletes. While the excessive consumption of meat and equivalent food types to meet the protein need invites heart disorders, cheese protects heart and lowers the risk of a heart condition. Particularly, cheese such as Helix, Cheesoft and Topi cheese that has low sodium and high calcium level serves as an ideal choice for those who want to have a balanced diet for their heart and coronary sensitivity.