Sayfa Görseli

Cheese and Health


Experts that draw attention to the inadequate use of curd cheese that has numerous benefits from protecting against cancer to strengthening bones recommend that curd cheese also enhances immune system and should be included in all meals.

Curd cheese that is popular among people with a weak immune system, athletes, people on a diet and blood pressure patients has numerous benefits. Particularly, with its serum protein content, it contributes to enhancing the immune system and is at the top of diet lists of the athletes.

Despite the fact that it is produced from cow milk, it does not contain antigenic proteins in the cow cheese.  Curd cheese contains serum protein, a very valuable protein that is not available in other dairy products. Serum protein contained in the curd cheese helps synthesize all body and muscle proteins more. It also has a healing effect on muscle injuries caused by excessive exercising. Therefore, especially athletes know the value of and consume curd cheese. It is possible to use this cheese as a healthy snack every time of the day.

A 100 gr of full fat curd cheese of Muratbey that has made cheese a healthy snack that can be consumed every time of the day with its innovative products meets 90% of your calcium need, according to the Turkish Food Codex. There is 700 mg calcium in 100 gr curd cheese. You can use Muratbey Curd Cheese not only in your pastries, pastas and deserts but also by pouring some sugar, honey or jam on it at breakfast.