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Cheese and Health


Calcium consumption is highly important for mental development as well as bone development. A vitamin doping cheese, so to speak, with its vitamins A, C, D and K content, particularly high vitamin A content, has an indispensable role in children's mental development as well as physical development.

Muratbey Misto cheese is a guest on the tables with 6 different adorable animal types in order to support the immunity of our children against epidemic diseases and to make them love cheese and it contains 5 mcg vitamin D in 100 grams. Muratbey Misto meets 33% of the daily vitamin D requirement of all individuals over the age of 2. In addition to its low salt and unique taste, it also provides the extra vitamin supplement needed during the pandemic period.

Necessary not only for the immunity but also for the bone development!

Cheese provides protection against tooth decay, which is common especially in children, due to its calcium, phosphorus, sodium and chloride minerals. In addition to calcium, biologically active peptides formed during the fermentation of cheese are protective against obesity and insulin resistance. Bioactive peptides also have antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. We get most of our calcium need from cheese. However, it is vitamin D that places calcium in the bones. Therefore, if vitamin D is insufficient in our body, calcium cannot function. Cheese, which is a very important source of protein and calcium, is very valuable for the bone development.

Healthy and fun at the same time

Misto, which provides high levels of vitamins and minerals that children should take daily and is also low in salt, contains 650 mg calcium, 16.5 grams protein and 5 mcg ( 200 IU ) vitamin D in 100 grams. This amount corresponds to one third of the daily vitamin D requirement of children according to Turkısh Health Ministry Guides. Thus, the need for vitamin D, which is lacking in the winter months when we cannot benefit from sunlight, is also pleasantly met. Vitamin D deficiency causes bone and muscle weakness. The immune system weakens. As a result, many diseases, especially infectious diseases, may occur. Vitamin D is vital for the overall health and well-being of the body, and especially for the bones.