Sayfa Görseli

Cheese and Health


Mothers-to-be that experience pre-pregnancy calcium deficiency face diseases connected with the deficiency in the first months of their months. Health professionals draw attention to the importance of calcium intake before pregnancy and during the first months of pregnancy recommend mothers-to-be that cheese, the most important source of calcium, should be consumed abundantly for their health and the health of their babies.

Calcium is an important food element in the diet of mothers-to-be. Twice the amount of calcium required normally is necessary during pregnancy. During the pregnancy, failure to take sufficient amount of calcium will result in satisfaction of the calcium required for the baby’s development from mothers’ bones. This situation may lead to serious conditions such as osteomalacia and preeclampcia (pregnancy poisoning) resulting from the calcium deficiency. Calcium deficiency will pave the way for bone loss (osteoporosis) in the future years.

Daily calcium requirement during pregnancy varies between 1000 and 1300 mg. Being a concentrated food, cheese is a rich calcium resource. Especially mothers-to-be must prefer types of cheese with low fat and sodium level. Calcium requirement peaks on the third month of pregnancy. Mothers-to-be are recommended to consume cheese abundantly particularly during this period.  Mothers-to-be that experience morning sickness are recommended to have one slice of low-sodium cheese with 1-2 grissini to relieve their stomach.